Created my first game, Jumper, for "My First Game Jam: Summer 2017"

Please note that the Street Fighter graphics are only there as a placeholder for now... if anyone knows where I can get similar, royalty free sprites for free/cheap, please let me know. I also asked Capcom for permission and waiting for a response.

music by Bulby

UP = jump (you can double jump)
RIGHT = uppercut

-2 if you missed a block
+1 for hitting a block
+3 for stomping on a block
(multipliers and other things in the works)

Second playable prototype. I have zero game building knowledge. The inspiration for this game came from one of my fav games to play on android called ZAFU by Takasaki Yusuke. You jump on the bricks and build upwards.

Version 0.2

Version 0.0


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Development log


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Congrats on uploading your first game jam! I found I was able to spam the jump button as much as I wanted. If you want to fix that you should add checking if the player is colliding with the top of the block before they can jump. I enjoyed the concept and look forward to playing what you deliver after building off of this experience. 

thanks <3